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Farmers for Farm Safety Ltd (FFS) is an independent advisory health and safety service with over 2,400 clients from Whangarei to the Bluff.


Our biggest point of difference is that we visit clients on-farm, briefing on legislative responsibility and we walk through the FFS Health & Safety Policy creating a set of documents that are specific to your property or business.

What we provide:

An on-farm/worksite visit for 3-6 hours (longer if required). This includes a discussion with directors/management/committee representatives on their responsibilities under the Health & Safety Work Act 2015 and associated regulations. Together we document infrastructure, paddock/yard/venue risks/hazards, machinery/plant operated, livestock work of any kind, agricultural chemical and fuel handling, certification/licencing requirements, children policy, etc. A farm/site tour is then undertaken which includes an audit of all machinery and infrastructure


This information is then used to:

  • Document a personalised Health & Safety Policy (legislative requirements and policy of intent).

  • Document the FFS Ltd Risk & Control Register specific to your property/undertaking. This register is only available to FFS Ltd clients and is the only register of its type available in NZ.

  • Document the FFS Ltd client Worker Acknowledgement of Induction & Training Form specific to allocated tasks and machinery operated by permanent/casual/volunteer workers. Workers sign off on each entry applicable to them, ensuring they are trained and understand implemented policies and safety protocols. This is extremely important for both the employer and safety of workers.

  • Document a contractor’s pre-qualification acknowledgement form.

  • If required document recreational visitor’s acknowledgement forms (hunters, hunt clubs, school groups etc.).

  • Document an emergency procedure form.


D'Arcy will then personally talk with your workers, once the policy and procedures are formulated. Experience has shown that just reading a policy doesn't always mean a worker understands their responsibilities and therefore their need to contribute/buy into the policy.

Pricing - note there is no annual/monthly charge:

  • New client: FFS Health & Safety analysis and written policy: $1,900 + GST
    (If multiple farms/businesses under the same entity, cost is by negotiation)

  • Client updates from 2009 to 2018 or H&S Employment Act 1992 to HSW Act 2015: $1,600 + GST

  • Client Worker Acknowledgement of Induction & Training Form Update $360 + GST  

"As a farmer, D'Arcy knows how important it is to visit your farm and assess your specific needs with you."
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