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FFS Risk and Control Register©

The FFS Risk Register is a comprehensive personalised Farm Risk Register that ensures that farms meet audit standards in hazard identification, documentation and staff training.

FFS Risk Registers are specific to:


  •  Dairy, Sheep & Cattle, Piggery or Deer Farm – lowland, hill and high country stations (corporate & privately owned)

  •  Mixed Cropping (includes large scale vegetable farms) potatoes, peas, wheat, barley and specialty seeds

  •  Agricultural Contractors

  •  Shearing Contractors


Farmers for Farm Safety (FFS) travel New Zealand visiting farmers on farm to compile Farm Health & Safety Policies, comprehensive Farm Risk Registers and to speak to staff about their responsibilities to both themselves and to their employer under the Health and Safety Employment Act 1992. 


Farm advisor D’Arcy Palmer is a respected professional in farm safety throughout New Zealand and the founder of Farmers for Farm Safety Limited. The resources and knowledge available through FFS have been derived from a life time of hands on farm ownership, on farm health and safety research and personnel management on farms and within the professional rugby industry. 


FFS clients are leaders in farm safety, ensuring the safety of their families, staff and on farm visitors.


COST to the farm owner or farm employer is extremely fair and affordable, is per farm and the same price for all farm types. Some companies which require extra work and documentation, additional fees may be attracted.



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